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Production, Testing and Design Prowess

At Weltech, We believe in complete in-house R&D, Testing, and manufacturing. With an already saturated market with multiple pump manufacturing industries, We bring to the table a 100% in house production and design philosophy. With State of the Art PLS Based testing system conforming to the ISO Standards,IT infrastructure, Fully trained design engineers, and complete mechanical competency, we offer something more valuable then the competition, with many pump manufacturers selling job-work based products and spares designed from outdated models, our setup enables us to design,test,manufacture and automate each and every product with 100% In-house manufacturing.

Solidworks for Design:

We have Shifted to fully 3D rendering our products, testing anomalies, and stress tests using SOLIDWORKS while our competition is still stuck on 2D Drawings, we still use 2D Drawings, but those are first designed in SOLIDWORKS 3D, and then rendered into IsoMetric 2D Drawings. Foregoing the use of AutoCAD Completely.

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Open Imagination
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ISO Standard PLC System for testing products:

While other manufacturers are providing Performance curves, we have already transitioned into a fully automated testing rig, enabling us to test the very pump we shall be supplying you. This ensures that our product performs the way it was designed to. All pumps and PLC System follows the ISO 9906 Grade II Pumping Standard.

In House Patterns and Dyes:

Imported directly from America, Our HAAS VF2 is the industry standard for VMCs. This brings to the table complete control over our Patterns, all our patterns are aluminium machined and manufactured inhouse, something we consider as an achievement.

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Precision Machining Capabilities:

With powerful and heavy duty machines Lathes, CNCs and VMCs, our manufacturing prowess is second to none. With complete ISO certified process equipment, regular maintenance and calibration. This amount of careful planning and production quality is evident in our Pumps and Spares alike. We welcome all to our facility for a tour.