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Self Priming Centrifugal Pump "SG" Series


The SG pump is suitable for transferring liquids clean or polluted in nature, these pumps can be used in applications requiring a self priming pump with a negative suction of upto 5 mtr such as draining building, pond, ditches and swimiing pools, these are the go to pumps for agricultural uses as well as sewage plants.

These pumps usually come in Semi-Open and Closed impeller type to fit your specific needs.

SG series are Available in Multiple Gland Packing options ensuring minimal Leakage where leakage is acceptable, For Zero Leakage options check out our SM Series.

Safety matters:

Some Seal type arent fit for specific liquids, and hense SG series self priming centrifugal pumps come in multiple choices of seal type. Our team will also provide the best seal configuration for your use case scenario if you contact us with your queries.

Available Gland Packing Types:

  • Graphite PTFE Packing for Acidic liquids
  • Pure PTFE Packing for highly acidic and hotter temperature liquids
  • Acrylic Fibre Packing for water handling and liquids with salt application, milk alkali or acidic liquids.
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  • Easy Back Pull Out Design
  • Designed with minimum downtime in mind
  • Hasslefree installation
  • Minimal Leakage Design
  • Improved and efficient Impeller Designs
  • Efficient and high capacity in a compact design
  • Space Saving and Practical Design
  • Various Gland Packing options available

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Industrial Usage

Building Water Transfer

Building Water Transfer

Agricultural Usages

Agricultural Usages

Marine Applications

Marine Applications

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50 HZ 2900 RPM

50 HZ 1450 RPM

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